Travel: Addiction or Lifestyle?

I came across an article recently on Facebook about travel being a real addiction. A doctor was quoted in the piece confirming just that. But I have to disagree with that diagnosis. Because for me, travel is a lifestyle choice.

The article takes it to the extreme to say people get competitive about visiting more countries than their neighbours and colleagues. You can read article here.

Travel is for the curious mind, yes, but it should not be a competition. If you race around the globe, are you really enjoying the experience. How do you enjoy a city when your focus is on visiting more places than your competition. Even worse, do you even know who your competition is!

Travel is about going to a city because you want to enjoy the experience and culture. It is visiting a place where you will feel happy, relaxed and inspired.

The inquisitive traveller does not compete with others. They are on a journey to see as much of the world as they can – on their own terms.

Travel is a lifestyle choice. It is not for everyone. If you are constantly homesick then it is definitely not for you. If you are committed to a full time job, then taking off suddenly to run around the world can be seen as irresponsible.

Travel can be enjoyable but it is about making the decision which is right for you. If you are a free spirit who does not want to live in one place then seek out a job which suits your wandering lifestyle.

I love to travel and I take off whenever I can. I am curious about other countries, cultures, people and history. When the travel bug bit after my first holiday I just knew travel was the lifestyle for me. I even spent time living overseas. I embraced the challenges and excitement of each new place with curiosity.

To some extent travel could be seen as an addiction, but really for me it is more of a lifestyle choice.


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