Greek Life

The Greek lifestyle is unique and is what many other countries don’t understand. It may appear as if they are a partying, lazy crowd. But in fact they work very hard to achieve their relaxing, carefree lifestyle. Perhaps the rest of the world should take on some ideas from Greece.

Everything is fresher, more enjoyable, relaxing and real in Greece. They even have a record of the longest living people on the island of Ikaria. Why? People know what is important to them. It is not unheard of for people nearing 100 years to still be out tending to their gardens or partaking in a social drink with friends.

The Greeks know how to structure their year so they can work for nine months and then relax and enjoy life for the remaining three. This is maybe something Australia can learn from. Greece has a healthy lifestyle and they have their work life balance priorities in order. However, society has labelled this as lazy instead of what it should be known – smart, sustainable living.

Each island in the Greek Cyclades has its own vibe. No two islands are the same.  Although I have yet to get to every island, there are three I have visited, all with a completely different vibe. As soon as I stepped off the ferry onto the pier on each, I felt an instant relaxation response.

  • Milos has a laidback feel about it where no-one rushes and there are less tourists, even during summer.
  • Naxos is the traditional island full of history and natural beauty.
  • Mykonos has been dubbed the party island, and while this may seem true, there is also a different and artistic side to the island.

One thing they all have in common though is, everyone knows how to live their best life. If you take time out to sit and observe the way the locals go about their daily business, you will soon pick up on how easy it is to balance work, family and leisure.

Relaxing Milos




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