Travel through the Eyes of Art

To see the world through those of an artist exposes you to a diverse range of  perspectives. Many artists over the centuries travelled away from home for the sake of their art. Vincent Van Gogh was one of those artists.

IMG_3149I had the opportunity to see a collection of Van Gogh’s works this month in Melbourne. As part of their winter exhibition series, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) presented a selection of Van Gogh’s paintings relating to the theme of changing seasons.

As you walk through the four seasons you get a sense of his love for the outdoors. He got so much inspiration from the world around him despite his troubled private life. All artists, writers and creative geniuses are a little crazy at times. As an artist Van Gogh did not like to socialise and he only had one real close family friend whom he could talk and be himself with.

IMG_3145But despite this, Van Gogh produced many wonderful pieces of art, even a self portrait (pictured right). His favourite season was autumn and it showed in his paintings. It is easy to see why he loved autumn,  the changing colours in his landscape art were painted like a magical fairytale. In fact, one of my favourite pieces from the exhibition was that of an autumn landscape.

As I stood in front of the painting I imagined myself on the path of golden leaves. I could see myself walking beneath the canopy of coloured trees as it lead me towards a horizon  of hope and opportunity.

Art has that effect on you as it acts as an escape from the hectic outside world for a few hours. Like Van Gogh and his art, as travellers, we continue to seek out new opportunities and adventures in the world around us.


I will end this post with one of my favourite quotes I picked up from the Van Gogh exhibition. It certainly was true for the artist and we can also relate it to our enjoyment of travel.

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