Photo of the Month: Camel Train

Camels are an intriguing animal and  not temperamental as I discovered during my camel ride at Uluru last year. They are actually gentle and friendly. My camel, name Wally, was a great example of a placid camel.  He was happy to follow along on our mini sunset camel train.

There is no need to head overseas to Dubai just to ride a camel when we can do the same in our own backyard. The camel was important o Australian trade in the early days as they could sustain desert crossings as I learned from my cameleer tour guide.  The cameleers no only run he tours but they are responsible for the whole camel farm operations.

It was a pleasant evening for a camel ride out to the big brown and red jelly mould shaped rock of Uluru. it was not so hot as it would have been during summer. If you are visiting Central Australia the best time to visit is between April and July when the weather is mild.  It does still get warm, but not as much as it does in January and February.

Riding through the desert on a camel was something I had always wanted to experience. But just a word of warning about being in the middle of a camel train . It does help if you have a blocked nose.  Because the camel’s head behind you is right on top of your shoulder at times and you can feel its camel breath breathing on you.  Not a nice smell, but the camel is friendly.


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