Adelaide – Festival City

It has been a few weeks since I last posted on my blog, but it has been a productive break as I have been gathering and developing new stories and material to share with you in the coming weeks.  But now it is that time of year again when Adelaide comes alive with the sound of festivals.  There is much happening and you are quite literally spoiled for choice.  Whichever event you decide to attend, you can be assured of an entertaining day or night out with friends and family. 

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Reported as the best fringe festival worldwide, second only to Edinburgh.  Comedy, music, theatre, visual arts, circus and everything in between will entertain you for hours.  I always try to attend the opening weekend and soak up the energetic vibe as the crowd converge on the Garden of Unearthly Delights in the East End of Adelaide.  Across the road is Gluttony, still the second cousin to the Garden, it is gaining popularity each year as more artists move in to entertain you.  I always make sure that I am back in Adelaide each year to attend the Fringe.  There are so many shows to choose from. What I try to do is see one new artist I have never seen before.  Each year there are many new artists performing for their first time and I like to support them on their journey.

Royal Croquet Club

While it is still part of the Fringe, the Royal Croquet Club deserves its own mention.  This year it moved to the banks of the River Torrens and the spacious green makes all the difference.  There is more room to move about and explore the different venues.  Children can take a camel or pony ride while adults can try their hand at croquet.

I went to the Royal Croquet Club last weekend and enjoyed an emotional physical theatre acrobatic performance in the Panama Club.  Dubbed the “hottest tent in the club”, but once the show starts you get drawn into the emotional journey of the energetic and talented performers.

Adelaide Writers Week

An annual event that showcases the work of writers and poets from Australia and across the globe.  Perfectly situated on the green behind Government House, you can sit under the trees and listen to the various artists talk about their latest work and learn about their writing journey.  I love to go along and listen to a variety of writers and pick up a few tips and get inspiration for my own writing.

For a new writer, or those that already have a few runs on the board, it is an inspiring two weeks of speakers.  It has grown in popularity each year as more people discover the art of literature and storytelling. There is also the opportunity to meet some of the writers after and get your copy of their book signed.

Clipsal  500 Street Race

For the car enthusiast the annual V8 car race roars into Adelaide as well during March.  Four days of car engines racing around a 250 km track in the east parklands.  There is also action off the track with car displays, sideshows, amusement rides and defense force displays to check out between each race.

Once you are inside the track, you can walk around and check out the best viewing vantage points.  Be sure to bring your earplugs because when you are sitting under a shady tree, with a cool glass of wine, all you hear is the powerful V8 engines roar passed you.

We call the festival season in Adelaide Mad March and it really is.  There is so much going on in and around the city.  In one weekend I managed to get to all of the above and enjoyed the diversity in entertainment.  However, the best part about Mad March is the energy and vibe that comes over the city.  Everyone comes together and finds an escape from daily life in their favourite event.



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