How to Make Your New Year Resolutions Count

When the clock strikes midnight on 31 December the New Year resolutions are not that far behind.  However, it is easy to get caught up in fireworks and parties that mark the start of a new year and fall back onto the same resolutions you made last year.  If you have not really thought through your resolutions then it will be hard to maintain committment.

imagesThese are called lazy New Year resolutions.  You know the ones: lose weight, exercise, be healthy, stop smoking, stop drinking, and so the list goes on. In hindsight you realise that these are things that could be done at any time during the year.  Why wait until 31 December?

This New Year’s Eve give some thought into what you really want to achieve next year.  It may be a project that you have been working towards already.  There may be certain places you want to visit before the year is out.

Don’t waste energy on something you are not fully committed to.  If you are not passionate about it, chances are you don’t really want it and are not even remotely interested.  Your energy is best channelled to something you really want to achieve.

Making a New Year resolution is a little like goal setting.  We do this every day when planning our future.  We set short and long-term goals and take small steps to achieve them. So why not use the same technique on your New Year Resolutions?


Go back to basics and apply the SMART goal technique this New Year’s Eve. Make your resolutions Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

An example of SMART New Year Resolution I have already set is: “Travel to 3 different places in South Australia I have yet to see”.  It ticks all the criteria of the SMART goal strategy as being specific to my home state.  I can measure it by ticking off each journey and it is definitely achievable because South Australia has many unique destinations I can do in a weekend.  It is realistic and I can visit 3 places easily within 12 months.


Make your New Year Resolutions count on 31 December and choose something you are passionate about and you will enjoy maintaining committment to it for a whole year.

What are your SMART New Year’s Eve Resolutions?

Happy New Year to everyone who has enjoyed my stories during 2016!  I plan to focus on more local destinations next year that showcase how beautiful South Australia really is.  Stay safe and I wish you all an exciting and inspirational 2017.


All Photos courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery

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