Home is Not a Place But a Feeling

What is home?  It is where you feel the most connected with.  It need not be the place where you were born.  Home is where you feel the greatest spiritual connection.  It is the place where you are the most happy and free.  While my physical home may be in Adelaide, the more I travelled the more I have come to realise that home is not a place but it is a feeling. 

home-is-not-a-place-islandThat is the thing about travel; we visit so many amazing and unique places.  Each leaves us with a different impression.  Many of these places we will visit once, maybe twice in our lifetime.  However, there will always be a certain place we feel a deep personal connection to that makes us return over and over again.

world-mapHowever, there are certain places that call out to us, we are not sure why but the strong desire and pull won’t leave you.  You feel an overwhelming desire to just go.  When you land in that place you just feel as if you belong, a spiritual connection that calls you, and you can say “I’m home” When you are aware of the purpose of your calling to that place, embrace and enjoy it and magic will happen.

Home to me means…….

  • A feeling you get when you walk into a place that just has your name written all over  it and  you don’t want to leave.
  • When you hear a song and the rhythm speaks to you in ways that move you.
  • A place you can find your balance, centre, solace and peace.
  • A place that gives you energy to feel whole, connected and alive
  • Closing your eyes and taking a photo of the moments that take your breath away
  • Where you find yourself smiling and laughing so uncontrollably that you smile and laugh more
  • Where you feel you can thrive, create, dream and fill your life with possibilities.
  • Where you can be yourself including all your quirks and craziness .
  • Where you passionately and purposefully can pursue your dreams.

When discovering your home, be aware of the shift in your feelings in each environment.  Analyse what makes you feel at home and ask yourself if that place is giving you what you need to be happy.  Tap into your intuition to guide you and remember that if something feels wrong then it probably is.  Listen to your intuition.

Your true home is a place where you ultimately want to be and where you feel like you no longer want to escape.   Home is feeling like you are in the place you are meant to be. It is your happy place.


All pictures courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery

2 Replies to “Home is Not a Place But a Feeling”

  1. “Home is a place where you no longer want to escape from”. Very true.
    Many people “travellers” they call themselves travel to lose themselves? Or was it to escape from “home” in search of a real home?

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