Photo of the Month: Hawaii’s Giant Turtles

This month’s photo was taken a few years ago on my holiday in Hawaii.  While walking along Punalu’u Black Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii I stopped to watch this beautiful sea turtle take up prime position on the pebbly surface for a rest.

After a morning visit to the Hawaiii Volcanoes National Park, I travelled to the coast to the small village of Naalehu.  It may seem strange to walk on a beach made of black sand, however because of the high level volcanic activity the sand on the the Big Island of Hawaii is a mix of white, green and black sand.

As you admire the large green sea turtle sunbathing on the  sand, take a moment to also enjoy the coconut lined beach.  Feel the warm wind gently blows the coconut palms.  Listen to the waves gently lap at the shoreline.  No wonder the green sea turtle has chosen this stretch of beach to relax.  Although they look cute , please don’t touch them  Human touch can kill these these gentle giants easily.

Punalu’u Beach was a great spot to stop for lunch and walk along the grainy, black sand and sit with a new turtle friend.

Punnaluu Turtle Hawaii


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