Seal of Approval

A mini break to Kangaroo Island is more than a holiday.  It is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature.  There is limited network and phone access on the island’s west side but you hardly even notice. My mini break to Kangaroo Island last weekend was a chance to detox from the digital world.

img_4989Seal Bay is a stretch of beach on the southern side of beautiful Kangaroo Island where you can watch the Australian Sea-lions frolic in the freezing cold ocean. Don’t get too close though.  They have been known to be aggressive if you interrupt them.

img_4978However, you cannot visit Seal Bay on your own, you must be part of a group and led down by a local guide.  This is because the Australian Sea lion is now an endangered species.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t feel like a tour as such.  The rule is in place to protect visitors as much as the wildlife.

img_4994As you head down the path, walking between the sand dunes, keep your eyes open for Sea lions.  Quite often they will be lazing on the side of the path curled up next a bush to keep warm.  Because the water is so cold and the sea lions like to keep warm, quite often they will charge across the sand and up into the shrubs in the sand dunes to shelter from the crisp wind.  Once they have had a rest or a sleep, they will then slide down the sand dunes again and into the ocean.

The guide will lead a small group down to the beach at regular times throughout the day and give a short talk about the playful creatures.  Then you can watch them interact with each other in their natural habitat. It is great to watch these giant sea lions from a distance. And they don’t seem to mind people watching them as long as you stay about 10 metres away.


The weather was cold and windy but that is normal if you visit Kangaroo Island in October.   Yet when you are walking on the beach at Seal Bay all you focus on is the naturally impressive coastline and home to a colony of Sea lions.


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