Photo of the Month: Paris Macarons

A trip to France is not complete without sampling their world-famous, meringue cookie.  The French Macaron, also less commonly known as Gerber is a delicious dainty dessert like cookie with a long history. 

From the Italian word macaroni, was born the word macaroni.  The earliest known macaron base recipe can be traced back to the Renaissance period.  The petite little pastry was brought to France by Italian Chef Catherine de Medicis when she married the King of France, Henry II in 1547.

The macaron became increasingly popular and soon everyone wanted a piece of the little pastry.  In 1682 Louis XIV served macarons at the Castle of Versailles.  The tradition became famous and continued to be served when Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette took up residence.

Originally a single layer cookie, the macaron reinvented itself in the 20th century as a double layer delicious melt in the mouth delicacy.  It is made up of two almond meringue bases filled with butter creams, jams and ganache.Macaroons in Paris

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