Wild Irish Beauty

There is nothing more powerful than standing at the top of a cliff with the wild sea below you.  The rugged coastline stretches before you to reveal the wild Cliffs of Moher on the Irish coast. The cold, brisk winds whips around you but it is hardly noticeable as the sound of waves crashing onto the rocks below captivates your attention.

IMG_4577Located along the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast this is the start of a most dramatically rugged coastline and the last land mass before the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean.  It is March and the perfect time to visit Ireland before the peak tourist season.  Although it was bitterly cold, and we were rugged up for winter, the views over the mountains and the ocean were postcard perfect clear.

IMG_4586The Cliffs of Moher stand approximately 214 metres high and look out across an enchanting vista towards the Aran Islands.  It was such a perfect day that we could see the three islands (Inis Mor, Inis Meain and Inis Oirr).  The jagged coastline and unique rock formations are home to the wild birds who have set up nests among the rocks.  You may catch a glimpse of a Puffin, Guillemot or Kittiwakes.

IMG_4582For those who feel a little adventurous (and brave) take the small, narrow path along the top of the cliffs to experience the sounds and sights of the powerful waves rolling into the cliffs.  There is no rail and the trail can get slippery so take care as you walk along the cliff edge. If you do go out there, it is amazing to just stand in the middle and listen to the crash of waves below as nature comes alive.

If you prefer not to venture out too far, why not climb to the top of O’Brien’s tower located on the viewing platform.  Look south and you can see Galway Bay in the distance, to the north is Doolin.  The tower was built in 1825 by Cornelius O’Brien the tower provides a great vantage point for visitors to safely view the coast.  Cornelius O’Brien himself had an interesting and scandalous history, you can read all about him and his association with the Cliffs of Moher here.

There is nothing quite like the beautiful, wild coastline of Ireland’s west coast.  It is a natural, unspoiled stretch of land that one can feel close to the raw power of nature.  Imagine yourself on top of the cliff, watching and listening to the sound of crashing waves in all of natures wild and splendid glory.


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