Last Night in Paris

The perfect way to say goodbye to Paris is at the top of La Tour Eiffel.  A gorgeous view, a tasty glass of bubbly from the Champagne Bar, what more could you ask for?

eiffel tower & SeineIt was my last day in Paris after a week of art, culture and delicious food.  I took a moment to reflect on my time spent in this beautiful city.  Paris has always been a magical place for me.  Not just because of the architecture, galleries and shopping.  I love the people and culture experienced with each visit.

Often I had heard people say that the French are rude.  This is not the case from my experience.  Okay, they are not as carefree as the Italians, Spanish or Greeks, but the French are relaxed and know how to enjoy life all the same.

Campagne BarSo despite the crisp afternoon breeze, the view from the summit of La Tour Eiffel was breathtaking.  It is the perfect spot to stand and look out over the city.  As you tune out the chatter of people around you, the city spread out below captivates your attention.

Looking down on the city brought back memories as I picked out all the places I had visited. I remembered the sights, sounds and tastes as a wave of nostalgia washed over me.  It felt more like leaving home than a city that I had visited for a week.

view from the top 2

\view from the top

3 Replies to “Last Night in Paris”

  1. Once, a long time ago, I had a friend – an acquaintance really through my job at MetLife – who was the son of an American woman and a Frenchman. They had met at the beginning of WWII, had two children (Eric and his younger sister), and later divorced. Eric was an absolute darling. I was quite fond of him, but not in love with him. I declined his marriage proposal as gently as I could. When Sam and I got engaged, I called Eric to see how he was doing. I was happy to learn that he had married a young widow with 2 small children and was enjoying life. We wished each other much happiness and health and said farewell. I still think of him from time to time. I hope he is still happy and healthy. My Dad used to claim that the French had an attitude; but he never met Eric or he might have had a change of heart. 🙂

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