Italian Train Travel

Why is rail the best way to travel through Europe?  Not only are the views amazing, but it is easy and convenient to do.  In August I travelled Italy the whole time by train.  Starting from Milan in the north, I took the train down through the stunning Cinque Terre.  My rail journey ended in Rome.

While it is possible to fly between Milan and Rome, you just do not get to experience the beautiful Italian countryside and hidden towns in between.

The trains are comfortable, sleek and efficient – or at least the ones I caught were.  I had previously read reviews from other travellers that some trains in Italy were late or services were missed.  Fortunately on this trip my rail experience was a pleasant one.

By Ral CTBut to avoid missing a train be sure to be on the platform with plenty of time to spare.  Even though you have to wait for the train, it does not work the other way around.  Unfortunately, the train does not wait for you.

As you sit back in your comfortable seat on the train, the added benefit of train travel are the people you meet on board.  While the majority of passengers will be Italian, you may be fortunate to run into a few fellow Australians like I did on my trip between Milan and La Spezia. It always feels good to meet someone from your home country. Starting up a random conversation will not only make you a new friend, but it allows you to learn about other places to see.

Travel by train through Italy is a great way for travellers to meet and share tips  and recommendations of places they have just been to. Have you got a rail story to tell?

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  1. I also took a few trains in Italy. I found it a little confusing, because in some trains you had to reserve certain seats and in others you didn’t. And in some cabins the air conditioning was way higher than in the other haha. Overall I had good experiences though, I never missed a train and the journey was comfortable :).

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