It’s a Mad Mad March

The temperatures are still quite warm despite summer making way for Autumn.  Yet Adelaide is no less crazy and bustling with excitement.  Every festival, or so it seems, is scheduled during the month of March.  No wonder locals call this Mad March.

It is called mad March because crammed into the month are not only the end of the Fringe Festival, but many other festivals and events join in the action.  The Clipsal 500, WomAdelaide, Adelaide Festival, Writer’s Week, the Adelaide Cup and many more all competing for attention.

It is also an exciting month to experience the best of South Australia’s food, wine and culture across the State.

Walk along North Terrace and marvel at the Adelaide Fringe Illuminations on the facade of our public buildings.  From the Universities, Art Gallery, Museum and public library, each displays a series of colourful images set to music. Below is a video from the Adelaide Fringe Illuminations this year.

For those who like the more quiet festivals, pull up some shade in the Pioneer Women’s & Memorial Gardens behind Government House. Spend a relaxing hour or two listening to snapshots of poetry, literature and storytelling from local and national writers.

Photo: Google Clip Art Gallery

It is the perfect time to travel to Adelaide. You will be literally spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment, food and culture.

This is a small snapshot of Mad March, for more exciting events click here.

3 Replies to “It’s a Mad Mad March”

  1. Around these parts, college basketball season is gearing up for the championship elimination games, long ago dubbed “March Madness”. You literally cannot walk into a bar in any college town without seeing a different game on every TV in the place. And if you want to eat in peace, pack a picnic lunch and go find a deserted beach or park bench because peace is unattainable in any bar or tavern.

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