Where to Find the Best Calamari in Hobart?

Seafood has always been my favourite dish for as long as I can remember.  For those that know me know that I will always go for the calamari dish if it is on the menu.  So on my trip to Hobart on the Australia Day weekend it was no surprise that I would search the city for the best seafood dish in the city.

Tasmania is famous for its fresh fish and seafood selections one is literally spoiled for choice.  With lots of restaurants and cafes to choose from, all offering menus full of fish selections, I finally found the best calamari I have ever eaten.

CalamariFish Frenzy is a quaint little café bar on the waterfront and shares Elizabeth Street Pier with a couple of other cafes.  However, Fish Frenzy is the one to choose.  Great atmosphere, food and gorgeous views, what more could you ask for? The calamari was fresh, succulent and the Asian salad on the side was the perfect condiment.

For a writer, if you dine in the late afternoon it is the perfect setting to tap into those creative vibes.  My view on a lazy Saturday afternoon included the scenic Derwent River, an old sailing ship and a beautiful cool breeze off the water.

So if you are travelling to Hobart and want the best seafood with a gorgeous view, head for the harbour.

The mood in the late afternoon is so much more relaxed than the fast hectic lunch rush hour.  It is more leisurely and you can enjoy the peaceful, natural beauty of Hobart’s harbour scene.

View for Calamari Dinner

2 Replies to “Where to Find the Best Calamari in Hobart?”

  1. I’m not big on fish. I like shrimp, bay scallops, and lobster, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, lobster – my favorite of the three – is usually way too expensive for any time other than a special occasion.


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