Five Travel Skills To Build Success

Did you know that the skills you use to travel can help you become a success in your working life too?  Everyone defines success differently and to achieve it depends on the confidence we have in beating the fears that prevent us getting there. As travellers we face our fears on every trip and return home more confident each time. The five skills travellers can adapt back home are:

Embrace Change & Innovation

Each day we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations and we find ways to adapt quickly.  In business this is important because you need to remain calm, think creatively and adopt strategies to put in place an effective action plan.  In addition we draw on our diverse experience and knowledge gained from travelling the world to learn innovative and creative ways to do things better.  We bring these skills home to recognise new opportunities to do improve on the status quo which in turn will increase efficiencies and productivity. Living in the moment inspires quick, on the spot decision making when action is needed and travellers draw on their experiences to assess and adopt appropriate strategies to a situation.

Emotional Intelligence

The buzz word that academics, management and text books have promoted over the last few years is something that comes naturally to travellers.  As travellers we learn this skill on the road through the situations we may find ourselves in during our travels.  We experience some stressful situations most of the time and being able to manage our own emotions is the key to getting through the day.  From tight flight connections, interrogating immigration officials and conversing with the locals can add to the stress after a long flight.  Being self aware of our own emotions and knowing our stress triggers will assist us to remain calm in these emotional situations.  This is a key skill that we will bring back home in order to manage different stressors in our day to day lives in order to be happy and achieve success in life.

Effective Negotiation

To survive in any business you need to be able to effectively negotiate – with everyone.  It is not just about that big multimillion dollar business deal, but you will find you need to negotiate with colleagues as well.  This skill is a necessity for travellers and the best negotiators can get what they need without being pushy and still maintain effective relationships.  Travellers are able to influence a situation without being taking advantage of and can get their ideas across effectively and be accepted by the other party.  Every day we need to rely on people we may or may not know for assistance and overcome barriers like language, culture and customs.  We rely on the kindness of strangers while on the road which in turn results in developing confidence to choose new genuine and trustworthy friends.  It is a form of networking for travellers who can build new relationships with people and understanding and accepting that we can’t be in control of every situation.

Embrace and Understand Diversity

This is another buzz word in the business world that organisations spend millions on training people to understand the differences in people and culture.  However you only need to take a trip to another country and immerse yourself in a culture to understand it.  When we travel we meet many new people and strike up random conversations with them.  Travellers are experts at asking the right questions and learning about their new friends and sharing opinions.  These questions come naturally and are not weird because as travellers we are curious about the country, people, culture and cities and we want to learn about them.  This is why travel is a great educator and builds our character to become better at developing these skills naturally. When we ask these random questions it starts a whole new understanding of a culture and an inspiring conversation develop.  This person quite often will become your new friend who you will connect with on a personal level and the friendship will continue.

Exceptional Communication Skills

It goes without saying that communication is a key skill in whatever you do and because travellers rely on this every day become more confident in their communication ability.  In order to navigate every situation we have to ensure we listen closely when interacting with people on the road, build relationships and be persistent in overcoming obstacles we may face.  When we travel it is really important to be able to listen and have a good understanding of people to achieve success on the road.  Back home great communication skills will assist our ability to relate to others and gain loyalty with key people to achieve organisational goals.  In addition when we travel it also helps us feel empathy and not to judge people because of their beliefs which stems from how well we have understood that person.

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