Movie Inspired Travel

Ideas can come from anywhere even the movies.  We see a city highlighted in one of our favourite movies and feel it drawing us to explore more.  This is one method I use when choosing my next destination. Movies I feel are inspirational or I can connect with the characters’ thoughts and ambitions.

Eat Pray Love

Rome is always a favourite to explore and admittedly I stumbled upon a couple of these locations thanks to a new friend I met in Rome last year.  The Castello St Angelo was a key moment when Julia Roberts’ Liz first arrived in Rome.  She stood at the top of the castle with a view of the city.  It was a moment to ponder how she would begin her “time out” from life.  The second location of note from the film is Piazza Navona and the scene where Liz sits on the bench in front of the Saint Agnese Church eating gelato beside two nuns. When I was in Rome I didn’t get the nuns but I got to sit on the bench with the gelato.  Piazza Navona still has the best gelato in Italy and for only 2 euros it is still the cheapest dessert.

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia MovieThe beautiful Greek Islands, the people and the food are what makes Greece an in demand summer holiday spot.  While the movie focuses on one of these islands, it still gives you a sense of the beauty and magic of Greece.  Each island has its own charm and because there are hundred of islands out there, you will always find something different to see each time.  Everything is fresh and delicious, you won’t find processed food on a Greek dinner table.  My best memory of Greece was the people. They know how to embrace life and enjoy living in the moment despite anything bad that may be going on around them.

Paris When It Sizzles

Paris WHen it sizzles movieNot only do I love movies with Audrey Hepburn but I adore any movie about Paris that sparks a connection to the city of light.  Paris is beautiful no matter what the season. There is always something to do and places to explore.  It is not just about the old buildings, museums and the Moulin Rouge that attracts me to Paris.  It is the people and the culture.  Most tourists say that Parisians are rude but when I have visited I have found them to be quite friendly and approachable. I will be visiting Paris again in a couple of months to seek out new cafes, restaurants and places of cultural interest.  If there is one city in the world I will always re-visit it has to be Paris.

The Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code

The Louvre is the most popular museum in Paris, if not the world.  Equally, the Vatican City is the spiritual capital of the Catholic world.  But move passed the Mona Lisa and the Vatican to discover more history and culture these cities offer. Although the Da Vinci Code focuses on the dark side, it also highlights that there is a hidden side of Paris and Rome that many visitors never see.  I have to admit that I am intrigued by the underworld that dates back to ancient times.  While we cannot go behind the scenes of some the places in the movie, there are a couple of places open to the public. My last visit to Paris took me into the Catacombs, also known as the cities largest cemetery where I learned many intriguing tales of past and present events. I also plan to visit the Catacombs of Rome next time.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

picnic at Hanging rockMovie inspiration also comes from Australian films that highlight the natural beauty of our wine regions.  This 1975 mystery film did just that for the Clare Valley in South Australia.  The scenes from the fictional Appleyard Girls School were filmed in Martindale Hall, a 19th century mansion with its own tales of mystery and intrigue.  The historic mansion is located at Martindale Conservation Park and is open daily to the public.  They even hold murder mystery nights, but more on that later in the year.

Queen of the Desert

Queen of the DesertThis new movie from 2015 is based on a true story of English woman Gertrude Hill who had a hunger for travel, adventure, archaeology and culture.  It is these factors that drive me to travel and explore the world and is why I connected so much to the movie. Having a passion for life and adventure is what makes you feel alive.  I enjoyed this movie for the courage and passion she had to step out of her comfort zone to see the world.  Not an easy task for a woman at the turn of the last century.  It was also about doing something meaningful  and making a contribution to the world.  Travel is about learning and respecting new cultures and you learn a whole lot more than you would from a text book.

All pictures courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery

These are just a handful of movies that have inspired my travels, and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

What movies inspire you?  In travel or in life?

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