Why Packing Light Makes Good Travel Sense?

On the aircraft you already have to cope with distractions beyond your control such as the snoring passenger in the next seat, the crying child or the long epic journey (if you’re travelling from Australia).  Your suitcase should not add to the list of worries.

It’s no secret that the hassle of lugging around heavy, oversized suitcases is one of the downsides of travel.  But there is a solution, if you are prepared to live with less for a month.

cabin baggage holder

The benefits of travelling light:

  • Save time by not checking a bag
  • Last minute flight changes mean you can ensure your bag always travels with you
  • No hidden baggage fees
  • No lost luggage
  • Walk passed everyone at baggage claim and save hours waiting for that big bag
  • Hassle free arrival at your destination
  • Freedom of mobility to breeze through the airport with minimum fuss
  • Being able to hop on and off trains, buses and taxis with ease

Best of all – Start your holiday as soon as you step off the plane

Carryon caseTravelling light will save you money.  If you plan on catching internal flights, especially in Europe, be warned that smaller airlines do charge you for checking bags – yes, even just one.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to travelling light is safety.  If you want to live the traveller’s lifestyle, a big suitcase trailing behind you immediately marks you as an amateur tourist.  Don’t leave yourself open to con artists and thieves who will think that you are helpless.  With only a cabin sized bag you are mobile, in control and can blend in more easily

In all my years of travelling I have not met a traveller who wished they had packed more.  The sign of an experienced traveller is how light they travel. It is not possible to travel heavy and be happy.

trave; light sign

All pictures courtesy of Google Clip Art Gallery

3 Replies to “Why Packing Light Makes Good Travel Sense?”

  1. It has been MANY years since I traveled anywhere by airplane, but as I get older I can definitely see the advantage to traveling light! Actually, my last two flights were to spend time with relatives so all I needed were two changes of clothes, my medications, and my toothbrush, plus my pocket-sized handbag, my phone, and my book to read. And it all fit in my carry-on bag. The best part was it fit under the seat in front of me so I didn’t even have to lift it to put it in the overhead compartment!

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    1. Definitely. It makes sense especially when travelling domestic. We really don’t need a case full of clothes we may never wear. The best part I find is being able to walk off the plane and straight to the exit – bypassing the hour wait at baggage claim

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