Beach Vibes

The beach life in Greece is different – very different to how we experience it back home.  Here it is a different culture.  It feels great to relax on the beach where you are served your drinks and meals direct to your sun bed.  There is also music played across the beach in similar style to that of the clubs visited the night before.  The Beach Clubs on the beaches of Mykonos feel sophisticated and fun.

IMG_2625The beaches are set up with sun beds and umbrellas along the shoreline and price is dependent on the beach club you choose.  But you pay one price for the whole day.

The first thing you notice on the island beaches is that everything is so well organised. Each club keeps track of the sun beds in use and those that are vacant.  The water IMG_2794is clear, blue and so warm that you don’t want to come out again.  Australia has some great beaches, don’t get me wrong, but they are over-shadowed once one discovers the beaches in Greece.

Watch the two videos below, close your eyes and listen to the harmony of the music and waves moving in sync.  Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the soft mattress beneath you.  Okay, so there was wind as well and you can see that it is strong sometimes. Yet it does not take away the beauty of the clear, blue waters that are actually warm once you are in.


IMG_2670Getting to the beaches on the south of the island are easy with regular buses departing all day from Fabrica bus station for a low price of one euro sixty each way.  Journey takes between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the beach you choose to visit.

The bus is the safest and recommended option because during the peak summer period the roads fill up with mopeds, quad bikes and rental cars. Accidents can and do happen.  Unless you are experienced on these vehicles it is best to avoid them.

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