An Italian Fairytale

Walking into the Chateau Monfort was like walking into another world.  A fairy-tale world.  It had to have been the nicest hotel I stayed in on my recent holiday to Italy. Located in Milan, a short five minute walk from the centre of town, it is perfect to base yourself in if you want a little five star luxury. 

Chateau Monfort Lounge 2
Fairytale stay at Chateau Monfort

So my first impressions of Milan were positive……

It is easy to imagine yourself stepping back in time to the 17th and 18th centuries and attending beautiful parties in such a gorgeous building.

Although it is large, the city still feels like a village. Beautiful old buildings, stone paved streets still in places and the people are friendly. If you walk early it is nice and calm especially with a hotel located in a quiet residential area. Yet it is still a comfortable 5-10 Duomominute walk to the Piazza Duomo.

For a unique look at the Duomo choose a category A ticket that gives you access to the terrace, roof and museum of the cathedral.  There are steps, but it is worth the climb once you get to the top.  The city of Milan is spread out before you with a perfect photo opportunity.  Once you are up on the roof, use the opportunity to check out the city and get your bearings and orientate yourself.

Duomo Roof View
Panoramic views from the roof of the Duomo Cathedral

Galleria CafeOnce you have done a full morning of sightseeing and worked up an appetite, there are many cafes and restaurants to choose from.  Don’t Milan Cryptworry if your Italian is not perfect, the waiters speak Italian and English. The pasta and pizzas are not only “bellissimo”, but are large. Which is just as well that Milan is an easy city to get around by foot. Most of the sights are within walking distance or at most a short train or bus ride away.

So after lunch it was time to take a walk to view the oldest crypt in the city.  There is only an outer shell remaining now and it is great to see there is so much history in Milan and one can spend weeks exploring it all.

Shoes 2
Shoe heaven

PradaOf course, Milan is the fashion capital of the world and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is where you will find all the big names like: Gucci, Versace, Prada and Giorgio Armani.  It was sale time but still the prices were a bit out of range for us mere mortals.  However, don’t let this stop you from walking by these stores and admiring the clothes and shoes on display. There are many other stores that line the main shopping strip with sale prices that are more affordable.

Chateau Monfort was my fairytale home after  a long, hot day of Milan sightseeing out on the streets of magical Milan.  Relaxing in the gorgeous lounge with a cappuccino or glass of wine was the perfect end to the day.  Normally I would stay in basic hotels but as soon as I saw the photos of the rooms I just had to stay there. Chateau Monfort, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, each room is decorated in a fairytale theme.

Chateau Monfort

Chateau Monfort Lounge

Chateau Monfort Lounge 3

Drive a Ferrari in Milan

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