It’s Not Goodbye When The Tour Ends

A tour is sometimes the best option if you are unfamiliar with a new destination.  Or if you want to sample the main highlights of a region to decide if it is worth a return visit. But most of all it is the best way to meet different people from across the world who share the same passion for travel as you.

Tour Bus 3
Photo: Google Clip Art

Yet it is always a sad time at the end of a tour. Over a short one or two weeks you meet new friends and get to know each other as you share a magical journey around the world.  Most recently my tour of Greece was a nice small to medium-sized group, not too big, which made it easier to meet more people.

Greece 1
Greece July 2015

I love sharing stories of the differences, and similarities, between other countries while on tour.  It is a chance to learn more about the culture of those countries from a different perspective, not just Australia.  Usually most tours I have been on consisted of many Australians, so it was good to travel with a mix of people from New Zealand, Canada, USA and Mexico – and of course Australia!  It made for an interesting tour and lively dinner conversation.

Paris September 2007
Paris September 2007

This is one of my favourite parts of tours.  The people you meet along the way.  Everyone brings different experiences and knowledge of places they have been to. Sometimes you form great connections with your new tour friends so it is understandable that it can be hard to say goodbye.

Valencia July 2012
Valencia July 2012

Yet it does not have to be goodbye.  At the end of the tour it is always good to exchange contact details with your new friends.  We are fortunate to have social media like Facebook so it makes it just that much easier.  Sometimes you connect really well with someone and end up friends for life and continue to share stories and travel journeys.

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