Mykonos Nights

I have seen many beautiful sunsets during my travels.  Yet none so than the one I experienced in Mykonos.  The place to be in early evening is Little Venice.  Take up a prime position at a table with your choice of drink and settle in for the most spectacular show on earth.

Drink 2There are several nice bars along the Little Venice esplanade, but I watched the sunset from Galleraki Cocktail Bar. First from up on the balcony then at sea level – both views were amazing. There are no bad views from these bars, you can still experience a magical sunset from any angle.

Watch the sunset below that I filmed solo or with friends, the atmosphere around you  is perfect with a blend of music and chatter. It is the perfect way to enjoy a drink and relax after a big day of beaches and shopping.

As the sun slowly sinks towards the horizon, it resembles a golden ball of fire that dissolves into the sea. Watch how the pinks, yellows, oranges and blues come together to create a beautiful canvass across the sky.

Sunset 3

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