Airport Tales

This week I thought I would highlight a few airport tales that travellers go through in the course of passing through the airport.  It does not matter what city it is, these same rituals always seem to take place.

The Random Passenger

How random really is the “random passenger” at the airport?  When you pass through the security checkpoint that screens your carry-on bags for contraband, there is a person in uniform waiting on the other side ready to pick you out at random for a drug swab.

No matter how many times I go through the airport I always seem to be the “random” person.  Of course, it is always a negative result, but every trip I go through the motions and I have the routine down now.  When I passed through the airport earlier this year when I flew to Sydney, I expected to be chosen and I was.  When they asked if I were familiar with the process I said yes and that I always got chosen.  The security person responded with that the man and the woman before me said the same thing.

Of course, we do appreciate that the security personnel are there to keep us safe.  Maybe we are chosen as the random passenger because of the frequency we travel through the airport and they look for a familiar face.

Consequently, on the way back I also got to go through the random person dance again!  At least the guy on my return flight was such a gentleman to lift the bag up and off the counter for me (even though it was only a carry-on),

 The Landing Game

The plane arrives at the gate. The seat belt sign is turned off.  The game of leap-frog begins.

Why does everyone leap out of their seat as soon as this happens?  Because there is always another five or ten minutes of disarming doors, connecting the air-bridge and other tasks before the door actually opens.

Yet every time it never fails to amaze me, that everyone still plays this game. Except for some of the frequent fliers whom have come to realise through experience that disembarking the aircraft is a slow, well oiled routine that happens every flight. Frequent fliers come to expect this game from their newbie passenger mates on each flight.

Then when it is finally time to disembark, you have to wait while the plane unloads from the front – which can be another five to ten minutes.Suitcase

Do you have an airport tale to tell?

2 Replies to “Airport Tales”

  1. Same here! I’m always the random person to be checked, and last time I travelled, I lost my Ipod on one of those security checks….bummer!
    I love airports and flying anyway 🙂

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