A Victorian Sunset

If I thought my trip to Hawaii provided a beautiful sunset, I corrected myself when I saw the spectacular sunset in Victoria, Canada.  Yet it was not the sunset alone that caught my attention, but the way the colours blended perfectly together to create such an impact.  It was magical.

I was in Victoria for 2 nights, so on the night of arrival I took a walk down to the marina.  The cool, salty air bounced off the Pacific Ocean.  A refreshing change after a big day of tourist activity.

Marina Walk
Enjoy a slow walk along the marina foreshore

Sitting on a bench with a view of the posh Empress Hotel on one side and the harbour on the other, was a perfect way to end the day. Although there were other tourists around, I did not noticed them.  It was easy to be distracted by the gorgeous sunset over the marina.

Marina 1
Breathtaking sunset over the marina

My favourite photo from this trip was the flower basket lamp-post.  I loved how the colours from the sunset reflected to create such a gorgeous aura.  This felt like a once in a lifetime shot because I don’t think I could ever re-create such a magical image!

Lamp post 1
Magical aura

I remember that I sat for a while just to soak in the fell and atmosphere of this wonderful place.  It was a too perfect moment to miss and I was glad for the experience.

The island of Victoria was a hidden gem of Canada that does not get enough mention sometimes. There was so much history and beauty to immerse myself in – but I will elaborate further in a future post.

Day lamp post 2

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