Panoramic Canada By Rail

The best way I discovered to see as much of Canada’s beautiful panorama as possible was by train.  It is such a large country, and like Australia, impossible to see everything in such a short time.  Everything is spread out and it takes a couple of days to travel across the country.  But it is really worth the journey!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is where the VIA Rail train is ideal.  My journey took me from Vancouver to Toronto and if you have the opportunity to do this trip it is highly recommended,  It was the most magical  trip I have taken with a couple of days to relax and watch the most beautiful scenery go by.  You arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to explore, in my case, Toronto.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot only are the seats spacious, but if the train is not booked out then you get the two seats to yourself.  This is a welcome thought knowing that you will travel for a couple of days on board the train.  Of course you don’t have to spend every second in your seat.  There is a viewing deck where you can sit and admire the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.  With 180 degrees of glass window, the viewing deck is perfect for taking photo memories.

Small town rest stop for VIA Rail Small town rest stop for VIA Rail

If you have a keen eye, then you may spot a cute little black bear nestling in the green as the train passes by. The wildlife and open spaces are the things that draw me to Canada.  The Canadian Rockies are beautiful and largely unspoiled.  From bears to antelope, there are many pleasant surprises to see on the long journey across Canada.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn extra bonus during the trip, that train travel is a great way to meet other people.  There were other solo travellers on the same trip I took.  Each with their own story.  Travel is a great way  to share adventures, experiences and even a few travel tips between each other.

Travelling Canada by rail is a definite must for a relaxing, scenic adventure of the Canadian Rockies.


One Reply to “Panoramic Canada By Rail”

  1. This is so crazy; in a week and a half I will be traveling the VIA Ocean Rail, from Montreal eastward! Small world. I enjoyed this post…I will link you to mine when I make my trip!


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