Anything Goes in Melbourne

A spontaneous trip to Melbourne took me to see the Broadway musical Anything Goes.  I have always liked the title track but I had never seen the show.  All I knew was that it was about holiday-makers on a cruise ship.  I had to check out the real story.

Anything Goes is the story of a stowaway stockbroker Billy Crocker in love with debutante Hope Harcourt who is engaged to the wealthy Englishman Lord Oakleigh. Intertwined stories include New York lounge singer Reno Sweeney, gangster Moonface Martin, two Chinese gamblers, Erma (Moonface’s sidekick)., Billy’s boss infatuated with Hope’s mother Evangeline. Already you can see that things could get confusing fr everyone.

The show is set on-board a cruise ship called the SS American en route from New York to England. Lots of confusion, laughs and entertainment as Billy tries to win back Hope with the help of his friends Reno and Moonface.

I never used to like Melbourne but that was before I had taken my first trip  a few years ago. I had listened to the rumours and the negative comments made about the city.  After my first trip, I fell in love with the culture and vibrancy that Melbourne had to offer.  Now I always look for excuses to go back for a weekend escape.

The chance to return to a city is an excuse to explore those hidden corners that were missed the previous times.  I always try to explore a new corner of Melbourne culture on each visit.  To see Anything Goes in Melbourne was another reason to re-visit.

Below is a little sample I found on YouTube of the title track from the Melbourne show to inspire you and share the energy of the performance.

An entertaining evening of song, dance and energy!

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