Winter in New York

Most tourists will visit New York during summer when the weather is warm, but there is just as much to experience in the Big Apple during the winter months.  Just bring a thick coat and scarf.  

Central Park Lawn 2
Picnic in the park

Central Park in New York is beautiful.  Covered in a thin white blanket of snow, crisp cold air whips around you. This is New York’s urban jungle where ice skating, horse carriage rides, walking trails and even a zoo are just waiting to be explored.

John Lennon Imagine

First stop at Strawberry Fields located on Central Park West between 71st and 74th Streets, a 2.5 acre memorial dedicated to the memory of Beatles legend John Lennon.  The famous Beatles member lived in an apartment with wife Yoko Ono, the Dakota building, that is located adjacent to this memorial.  It was here, while walking into the lobby of his home, John Lennon was killed on 8 December 1980.  Strawberry FieldsNot only was he a composer, musician and artist he was also a believer in peace. So it is fitting that engraved on the plaque in Strawberry Fields is the title of John Lennon’s song Imagine.  Don’t forget to check out the sign nearby that provides a list of all the countries that have contributed to the flowers planted here. Strawberry Fields is also known as the Garden of Peace.

Metropolitan Museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art

The good thing about winter New York is that a lot of the lines to attractions are not long either. Streaming with tourists during the summer, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not so busy during winter (if you go early).  The museum is located on the east side of Central Park and is a short walk from Strawberry Fields. Filled with a diverse range of art and sculptures from around the world, it is the perfect way to spend the morning out of the winter cold.

Central Park Lamp
Gorgeous lamp posts line the paths

The city has a different feel during the winter and I don’t mean temperature wise, the colder months attract a different kind of visitor.   There is not the mad hustle and bustle of commuters as there are during the warmer months – well apart from the after Christmas bargain hunter crowds.  But during winter, people are more likely to take their time and enjoy what winter New York has offer.

Central Park Fountain
Central Park Fountain

Take time out to sit on one of the park benches and drink in the peaceful atmosphere.  It is not every day that we can sit back, relax and ignore the big city noise.  Enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the cafe on Central Park South with a view of one of the many fountains.  It is the perfect quiet moment to reflect and look at the world with a different perspective.

I have to admit that I was not always a fan of New York.  However, after my trip I can see why people love the city so much. Not only is there so much to see and do, it is a city full of diverse cultures.  Every corner of New York provides a different insight into the different people who have made this city home. From European to Asian, the culture is rich and diverse. It was amazing to walk the streets and just immerse myself in the variety of cultures that New York has on offer..

Central Park Winter 2
Central Park pond by the Boathouse

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  1. I would definitely recommend avoiding Christmas time for travels as there are just crowds of people everywhere. Personally, I didn’t like living in New York, but I really enjoy visiting New York as a tourist 🙂

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