It’s Cabaret Season!

Reported to be one of the best cabaret exhibitions in the world and it belongs to Adelaide. This is the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Each year the city puts on a world-class event that brings approximately 48000 people to South Australia’s Riverbank Precinct.

Adelaide Festival CentreThe madness of the March festivals have concluded, and the city is alive once more.  In June, artists from around the globe converge on Adelaide to showcase all things cabaret and bring back a sparkle in the cool city nights.

Red Carpet

It is an exciting three weeks of entertainment and I never miss attending at least one show.  I love the atmosphere that this festival brings to my city.

The one event that I make an effort to attend each year the Variety Gala Performance held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend.  Not only do you get to sample a taste of the acts that will perform during the festival, it is a red carpet “cabaret celebrity” event.  The red carpet walk is an essential part of the event where the performers and people of Adelaide mix together in an atmosphere that is friendly and social.  Gala night is when all the sparkly people come out to play and a chance to dress up for a fun night out.

Artistic DirectorSouvenirs 2Australian celebrities such as David Campbell, Kate Cerabrano and now Barry Humphries (better known as Dame Edna Everage) have been responsible for the artistic direction of this winter spectacular. Many artists, new and established, in the cabaret world are selected to attend the event and perform their shows for the people. There is always something for everyone – including the merchandise.  This year is no exception, and on sale are those iconic glasses made famous by the artistic director’s alter ego Dame Edna.

Cabaret TicketsTake a time out between shows and relax in the Winter Garden with a drink and catch up with friends.  An excellent chance to discuss the shows and maybe get inspired to attend one that you may not have previously considered.

The entertainment does not stop with the scheduled line-up. There is the backstage club held from 10pm till late for those who want to stay on to reminisce about the night’s festivities. You are also witness to a number of surprise and spontaneous appearances by the cabaret artists.

With a festival of such high calibre, it is easy to see why Adelaide is known as the festival state.  The 2015 Cabaret Festival is held between 5 and 21 June.

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