Old Become New Again

Before the age of digital cameras I did a lot of travelling with one of those archaic devices that needed to be loaded with film.  I loved it and it was reliable.  Yet the disadvantage was having to wait for the film to be developed.  Even worse, the trauma worrying if the photos actually turned out!

Old Photos 1Over the years I have collected many paper based photos and stored them away in albums.  It was always great to look at a photo in an album and absorb all those travel memories  But what if something happened to them. They could be lost forever.

I finally switched to a digital camera after I accidentally drowned the old one in Hawaii. Cameras really are not water resistance despite what it says on the box.  Or maybe they  simply don’t like dolphin watching on a catamaran off Maui.Laptop

I was looking back on some of these photos the other day  and realised that storage space was limited on the bookshelf.  Gorgeous photo memories need not go to waste in the age of technology.  So the idea was to transfer them in stages to a digital format.  It would also allow me to have a backup just in case something happened to those precious paper photos.

CameraAll I needed to make this happen was: a photo album of memories, digital camera, laptop and a mass storage device.

With just a few simple steps the photos would be transferred to digital:

  • use the digital camera to take the photos
  • position camera over photo being careful with glare from light sources
  • take the photo
  • connect camera to laptop
  • transfer images from digital camera

Route 66Once the photos were on the laptop then they could be cropped and edited as required.  Then it was just a matter of storing them for future use.

The finished product is a clean digital photo that can be easily stored on either a USB or other storage device. Since using the digital camera for my travel journeys, I have found it easier to transfer, view and store those memories for future prosperity. Do I miss the archaic film camera?  A little.  It travelled with me to some of the most gorgeous cities around the world.  However, I have learnt to let it go and embrace my new digital photo adventure.

This photo  was taken on Route 66 in Arizona, USA..

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