Hawaiian Summer Sunset

I wanted to see a beautiful sunset.  After I had heard  so much about the amazing sunsets in Hawaii, I had to experience it for myself.  Tempted and curious to find out if Hawaii truly had the best sunset on the planet I was not disappointed.  It was true.  The sunsets in Hawaii are beautiful and the most magical I have seen so far on my travel journey. 

Golden and pink hues of  a Hawaiian sunset
Golden Hawaiian sunset

I took a walk to Waikiki beach just before sunset with anticipation. Sitting at one of the picnic tables on Waikiki Beach, talking to a couple of locals, I was ready for the most spectacular show in Hawaii.  A warm evening with a slight breeze – it was perfect to be outside.

Within half an hour the sun began to drop towards the sparkling blue ocean.  The Pacific Ocean resembled tiny crystals as it breathed the last rays of sunlight. The colours, as the sun melted onto the horizon, glowed yellow.  It was almost a golden hue as the sun dropped slowly.  As I watched the sunset, I let myself relax and my senses opened to the sound, smell and feel of Waikiki.  The gentle lapping of the waves was hypnotic against the golden sun sinking into the ocean.  Okay, so I know the sun does not literally sink into the ocean, but it is more beautiful to imagine.

Waikiki Beach
Beautiful Waikiki Beach

I could also hear light traffic in the distance.  The esplanade of Waikiki Beach is lined, not only with palm trees, but hotels and it sounded like people were headed out to enjoy the nightlife in paradise.  Not only could I smell the crisp  and salty night air, there was also the delightful aroma of seafood from the nearby cafe. Hawaii has a delicious supply of fresh fish and seafood at reasonable prices. I took advantage of this for dinner and the aroma of seafood blended perfectly with that of the salty Pacific Ocean.

I can see why people love this island so much. Immediately I felt relaxed as I sat and watched the sunset.  The people are friendly and lovely to talk to and Hawaii is not just for couples.  There is so much beauty for everyone to enjoy.  Singles, both male and female, can enjoy the sun and surf on a summer vacation.  Sit around a picnic table in the evening and share a sunset moment with friends after a hectic day of tourist activity.

There is something invigorating about the sight of a Hawaiian sunset.  After a long day it feels great to relax with nature’s beauty.

What is the best sunset you have seen?

Romance of the best sunset in Hawaii
Romance of the best sunset in Hawaii

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