Adelaide Appreciation 101

We spend a lot of time travelling overseas or interstate, that we do not think of what our own city has to offer.  This week a friend from Europe spent time in Adelaide on his trip to Australia and it was great to hear how impressed he was with what Adelaide had to offer.

Adelaide Sunset
Adelaide Sunset

As I spend so much time in the city working all week, I guess I take it for granted about all the great places there are to see.  To look at your own city through someone else’s eyes is a good way of re-connecting with your homeland.  It is the little things we miss such as the sky or the peacefulness someone else notices through fresh eyes.  It puts a new perspective on things and a chance to remember how lucky we are to be able to live in a country like Australia.

Australian Koala
Australian Koala

From the beach to the hills, everything is so close and easy to get to whether by land, sea or air (okay maybe not air).  To show someone around your city is also a great re-learning experience. Really look at what is on offer.  it is amazing how little we get to experience our own city at a leisurely pace.

I have to admit I have always been fascinated about exploring other questions.  I probably know more about history in the United Kingdom than I do of my own country.  I still want to travel to as many new places as I can, but now I will also have a greater appreciation of what is in my own backyard.

Summer Nights in Adelaide
Summer Nights in Adelaide

Thank you my friend for sharing your time with us in Adelaide and wish you a safe and peaceful journey around Australia.  I am sure we will meet again soon.

2 Replies to “Adelaide Appreciation 101”

  1. My home town is on Long Island, in New York State, so I haven’t seen it since I moved to South Carolina some 21 years ago. Living here makes me appreciate the things I always loved about home; but aside from the politics and politicians, I love and appreciate my adopted home as well.

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