Self Discovery Travel in 2015

The clock strikes midnight to signal the start of a brand new year.  It is also the moment many of us make our new year resolutions.  You know the one’s, diet, exercise, happiness  but this year why not make it your goal to travel to that dream destination in 2015.

Inspiration courtesy of Google
Inspiration courtesy of Google

It does not mean you have to win the lottery to travel either.  Having your own personal plan and budget strategy will see you up up and away sooner than you think. The key is to research the when, where, what , how, and why. Once you know where, the rest will fall into place.  Your dream destination may be local, national or international. Wherever you want to go, you want it to be hassle free, enjoyable and return home with a pleasant experience.

So once I know where I want to go I start to do my research.  I have received comments from travel agents about being so organised with my itinerary that I almost do the job for them.

It is important to monitor prices of flights, accommodation and tours via the online resources such as Expedia, Webjet, TripAdviser and others.  There are many sites available that offer great deals throughout the year. I have found that the best travel deals are often available for April or November.  These months are known as the shoulder season where airlines and hotels offer the most deals because they need to fill places and are willing to discount accordingly.

Courtesy of Google Quates
Courtesy of Google Quates

The next step to get you on your dream holiday is to set yourself a budget and make regular savings targets. Depending on the length of your savings plan, your budget will soon take shape.  Personally I do not recommend taking out a loan because you will just need to repay the bank later. A former colleague of mine did borrow money as a personal bank loan to fund their holiday.  While the trip was enjoyable and they had a great time, it took a while to repay the the bank – with interest.  So the more you are able to save into your budget, the less worry you will have later.

A hassle free holiday is what we are aiming for in 2015.

Courtesy of Google - Movie Inspiration
Self Discovery  through travel

Inspired by the movie Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts, a story about a woman at the crossroads of her life. She makes a decision to find out who she really is after spending most of her life as a couple.  This journey of self discovery takes her across the world to Italy (love of food and friendship), India (well being and prayer) and Bali (mindfulness, relaxation and love).  The movie reminds us all that we need to stop and take stock of our lives regularly.  Are we happy with the way our life is headed or is there something missing?  Okay, so we don’t have to travel halfway around the world like Julia Roberts’ character did.  But we can take time to reflect on our lives.

After I watched the movie again, I found myself identify with this character in the way it was time to review if I was really doing what I was most passionate about.  Yes, I love my job and it has its moments of frustration (like everyone).  Overall, I liked working with the people but I had ignored my real passion of writing and travel.

So in 2015 one of my goals will be to make my travel dreams come true. I have decided that I will get to South America in 2015.  To walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu has always been a dream of mine.  No tourist bus this time.  The Inca trail has to be walked like the Inca people did to feel the full experience of such an amazing city.

Make travel a reality during 2015 and start planning, researching and budgeting today to achieve your travel dream.  Re-discover who you are while travelling and meet different people from all cultures and walks of life. It is amazing what you can learn from a random conversation with someone you meet on “tour”, shopping in the local marketplaces or sipping coffee in a foreign cafe.

Some of the reasons why I love travelling are:

travel inspire 7
Travel Inspiration by Google


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