The Hills are Alive with the Sparkle of Christmas

It is always a great experience to travel the world throughout the year.  Yet when it comes to Christmas I prefer to stay in Adelaide for the holiday season.  A perfect time to catch up with family who you have not seen all year because of the busy lives we all lead. This holiday season is no exception.  I will spend the time at home to share the turkey love and all the trimmings.

There is much to see and do in Adelaide and the wider community at Christmas time.  One such tradition that has grown each year is the Lights of Lobethal festival.  For over 60 years the Lobethal Valley, nestled quietly in the lush green Adelaide Hills. has delighted thousands of people with a magical display of Christmas lights.

Lobethal Lights Courtesy of Google
Lobethal Lights Courtesy of Google

From humble beginnings of painted Christmas balls displayed on local businesses, the practice has grown. Today, many business and homeowners who proudly decorate their properties find reward in the joy  and excitement on faces of people who visit during the festival.  It is especially warming to see the delight on children’s faces.  Christmas has definitely put Lobethal (and South Australia) on the tourist map.

Lobethal Date Sign

There is such a community spirit in the town that can be seen through its long and rich European history that began in Germany.  Today Lobethal has almost 1600 inhabitants living within its picturesque boundaries. Known for its friendly and welcoming reception, when you walk down the street people still smile and greet one another warmly.  There is such a strong connection between the people and this contributes to a successful Lights of Lobethal festival.  The people make you feel welcome with very special Christmas cheer.

It is this community spirit that pulls me back home for Christmas after I have spent time travelling away from family.  I did spend one Christmas overseas when I lived in London for 12 months.  It was exciting to live, work and play in another country and I had always wanted to experience that.  Yet at Christmas there was something that pulled me back home.  Although I do have family in the United Kingdom, and it was great to catch up with them, I still missed the traditional family celebrations.  Especially the familiar way the turkey is cooked.  It’s a small thing, but there are no two turkey meals that are the same.

This YouTube clip of my favourite Christmas carol, I’ll be home for Christmas, is perfect to reflect the feeling of being with family and familiar surroundings during the holiday season.

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