Cafe Culture

Lane way cafes are the modern way to enjoy chic meals in the city.  Cheap and delicious with an emphasis on convenience.On a recent trip to Melbourne, A Lady in Adelaide took time out to sample one of the many cafe dishes.  Cafe Riva is a small cafe located in the lane way between Little Collins Street and Bourke Street Mall.  Besides a delicious lunch menu, they also serve breakfast all day for those who like to sleep in.  Choose to dine inside or outside for the true lane way dining experience.

Riva Cafe & Bar 1

There is so much to choose from such as: pasta, risotto, burgers and salad.  Cafe Riva is also licensed which means you can enjoy a glass of wine with your lunch if desired.  A Lady in Adelaide chose the Pollo Risotto for lunch,  The service was prompt and friendly which made a winning combination for a relaxing, delicious lunch.

Lane way cafes are perfect for some timeout from a hectic shopping experience.

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